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Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Tips n Maintaining Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Electric lawn mowers ar safe, economical nd environmentally friendly choice f lawn trimming tool. If yu alredy hve ether corded r cordless electric lawn mower, r ar thinking f buying one, her ar fw tips n hw t maximise th life f yur mower t ensure yu gt lng life span out f it.

Battery Care fr Cordless Lawn Mowers

If yu hve cordless r battery operated mower, it wll com wth rechargeable battery. Since thi i wht powers yur mower nd cn b expensive t replace, yu wll wnt t tk god care f yur battery. Always read nd follow th manufacturers instructions n charging th battery unit. Try nt t completely deaden th batteries if pssible it wll b easier t tll if th battery i nrly flat if yur mower hs power level indicator. If yu nd t store yur mower ovr winter r fr n extended period f time, remove th battery prior t storing.

Take Care While Mowing

Before yu strt mowing, alwy d quick check f yur yard nd remove anythng lying arund hoses, sprinkler heads, dog bones nd childrens toys ar easy t ms nd culd becom dangerous flying projectiles if yu accidentally mow ovr thm. Also, mowing ovr foreign objects culd cau damage t yur mower blades r th mower deck. Be careful whn mowing nxt t fences nd garden edges, nd it i god idea t switch th mower ff if yu hav t cross ovr paths r non-grassy area.

Store Correctly

When yu hav finished mowing, dont jut leave yur mower sitting out n th yard n th weather. Rain, hail, sleet nd snow add unnecessary wear nd tear t yur mower, nd my shorten it lifespan. Make sur yu store yur mower n shed, garage r othr shelter t ensure it i completely protected frm th elements. Many electric-powered mowers hve collapsible handles tht fold dwn completely, t allw yu t store yur mower upright r n small, compact spaces.

Clean nd Check Regularly

Unlike traditional gas powered lawn mowers, electric mowers require vry lttle maintenance. There i n nd t change th oil r replace spark plugs nd air filters. To kep yur electric lawn mower n tip top shape, try nd giv it quick clean aftr yu finish mowing s it wll b ll neat nd tidy whn yu stow it awy. First mke sur yu hve th mower turnd ff nd check tht safety switch i alo ff. If yu hv corded mower, unplug th power cord t th wall.

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