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Cordless Electric Lawn Mower

Corded vs Cordless Electric Lawn Mowers: Which Are Better?

As n alternative t gas mowers, corded electric lawn mowers hve ben arund fr numbr f year nd hv ben trusted by mny people ovr th world. However, mor rcently cordless electric lawn mowers hve com ont th market nd hav bn growing n popularity. But why shuld yu mak th switch frm corded t cordless?

People mak th choice t ue n electric lawn mower fr numbr f reasons. In mny wys thy ar considerably easier t us thn gas mowers; n hassle f gas nd oil cans, n pull strt nd thy tend t b mre reliable. They ar gnerlly pretty simple t us jut plug in, pull handle nd ff yu g. Also thy ar much lighter thn thr gas powered cousins.

Corded nd cordless lawn mowers wrk n much th sm way, th only real difference bing th power source. However, thi smll difference n operation cn mk bg difference n terms f ease f ue.

The bg issue fr corded electric lawn mowers i hving t deal wth tht power cable. The cable clerly limits jut hw fr yu cn yu cn g frm yur power source. Also if yu hv trees, shrubs nd garden ornaments t navigate arund thn ths bcoms increasingly difficult wth cable trailing bhnd yu. To increase yur range yu culd u n extension cable, but th ha srous safety implications n tht it increases th risk f running ovr nd accidentally cutting th cable. Also mak it mr lkely tht yur cable wll becm tangled up alng th wy.

Cordless lawn mowers hv n such limitations. You jut hv t mke sur tht yur battery i fully charged nd yu cn mow awy withut havng t worry abut n electric cable. The range f yur mower wll b limited f cour by hw lng th battery wll hold it charge; th bet mowers hv batteries tht wll allw it t mow thrd f n acre frm single charge. If yur lawn i larger thn ths thn yu culd purchase model whre yu cn remove th battery. This thn gves yu th option f buying scnd battery t increase th range f th mower; simply swap ovr th batteries whn th charge f th frst on hs run dwn.

Having battery n board des increase th weight f th lawn mower slightly, but thy ar stll vry easy t push alng.

Cordless lawn mowers ar s much easier t ue thn corded mowers nd n my view it i crtinly worth makng th switch.

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